Kercie Jung Wins MPM Marketing Premier Marketing Package

November 27th, 2019


McCallister Precision Marketing is excited to welcome 14-year-old Kercie Jung as the organization’s newest client.

Jung, a competitor in the 51FIFTY Energy Drink Jr. Late Model division at California’s Madera Speedway, was the lucky recipient of the Premier Marketing Package during Madera Speedway’s annual banquet as part of a random draw using playing cards.

“We’re proud to welcome Kercie as our latest MPM Marketing client,” said McCallister Precision Marketing’s Tonya McCallister. “She’s an amazing young woman who has already found a lot of success in racing and we can’t wait to help her as she continues to progress up the motorsports ranks.”

McCallister Precision Marketing will work with Jung as she continues her motorsports development, which most recently included a full season of competition in the 51FIFTY Energy Drink Jr. Late Model division at Madera Speedway last season.

In addition, as part of the Premier Marketing Package, Jung will also receive the opportunity to travel from California to North Carolina to take part in a test session with Lee Faulk Racing and Development.

“It was a great night at the banquet. Then when I got called up on to the stage for the MPM Marketing program I was kind of nervous,” Jung said. “After we all tore our cards I started to get more nervous. Then when I found out Dylan Zampa, who won the MPM Marketing package last year, pulled my card, I was thrilled knowing we’ll get to work with Tonya McCallister and the rest of her group at MPM Marketing and were going to be flying to North Carolina to test with Lee Faulk Racing.”

Jung began racing when she was 7 years old, competing in the Junior Mini Dwarf division at Bakersfield Speedway, in addition to other dirt tracks around California. She won her first race in 2014, followed by championships at Santa Maria Speedway and Kern County Raceway Park in 2014 and 2015, respectively.

In 2015 she also began the transition to asphalt racing, earning a track championship in 2015 at Kern County Raceway Park’s asphalt track. The 2016 season saw Jung transition to Bandoleros and she collected multiple championships the next few seasons, highlighted by the 2018 California State INEX Bandolero championship.

Most recently Jung made the transition to Madera’s 51FIFTY Energy Drink Jr. Late Model division. This year she completed her rookie season in the class, resulting in a seventh-place finish in the championship standings.

“This was definitely a learning year for me at Madera, but I’m so excited to get back in the car next season,” Jung said. “I’m ready to take everything I learned and go racing again in 2020, plus I’m thrilled I get to work with MPM Marketing too. It’s going to be a great year and I’m ready to get going as quickly as we can.”

About McCallister Precision Marketing

 Our focus at McCallister Precision Marketing (MPM), is to assist up and coming racecar drivers with career advancement and promotion. We also provide companies with a strategic plan for their sales and marketing needs, as well as work with race teams to not only secure sponsorships, but to build ongoing partnerships with those sponsors. We believe in building positive relationships with our clients so that we may provide them with the most professional, yet personal guidance they need, in order to achieve their racing goals. Our clients include Race car Drivers, Race Team Owners, Companies, and Racing Series’. We also work closely with charities and charity events. In addition to the motor sports arena, MPM has recently expanded their services to include athletes from various sports. We are excited about this expansion and looking forward to partnering our athletes with companies in the sponsorship environments. 


jr. late model challenge camp - report

Day 1 (8/15/19)

Brad and Heather Jung report that the camp is a fabulous experience. They have had so much fun, and there is so much information that they instructors are sharing, in such a short time, so they are overwhelmed by that.

Kercie was ahead of schedule when they got to the ontrack portion of the camp. Of all the participants, Kercie is the only one that has driven Madera Speedway, in a car just like the one she drove on Friday. The focus was not on speed, so no times were taken. The focus was strictly on how well the driver listened to instruction, and what did the driver do - did she follow instructions, or did she miss the mark. For Kercie, her experience helped tremendously. She did very, very well and I think it was obvious. Hate to say it, but the other kids will have a tough time at this, that is trying to be as good as Kercie, on this part of the competition. And that is only because of Kercie's familiarity and experience on this track. But my understanding is that the other kids that went on the track were really good - no surprises, right? Oh, when Kercie finished on the track, and got out of the car, the instructor asked her (Mike Naake) what she thought of the car. Her response was classic Kercie - "It was good." I guess it surprised Mike because he asked, "Is that all?", to which Kercie responded, "I think my Dad has a LOT of work to do to our car!" She said the car did exactly what she wanted. She could definitely feel the difference in that car and her car. It was quite the learning experience for her.

Kercie's class room sessions comprised of car setup and tires, and radio communication. Between Kercie, Brad, and Heather, they couldn't keep up with all the notes. Kercie asked a question that stumped the instructor. Classic! The communication class was good, and here again, Kercie is the only one out of all the kids that has had a spotter. So, she was the most comfortable and knowledgeable in that class.

Kercie quickly made friends with Elinor Dickerson, Holly Clark, and Haley Constance Racing. Kercie was in classes with Holly and Elinor, so didn't have a chance to get together with Haley until the end of the day. The four became quick friends. The girls vs. the boys!

And, it was a very, very hot day. That was the only downside to the day.

Day 2 Schedule (8/16/19)

So, today, Kercie will have classes all day. It includes:

  1. Marketing and Sponsorship 
  2. Media & How To Conduct An Interview 
  3. Interview w/MAVTV

It should be a full day, and a great day. Thanks for reading, and stay tuned for updates!

Check out the announcement video by clicking on the image

July 17th, 2019 - Announcement

Kercie was one of only twelve drivers to be chosen, out of over 300 applicants for the upcoming Jr. Late Model Challenge Camp. She is truly the best of the best in her age group. We are very excited and blessed to be chosen for this great opportunity. For more, see the video and click on the link for more information about the camp.



A message from the admin...

I spent some time tonight at Kercie's race shop, and had a chance to talk to her about the upcoming Race Camp at Madera. I was struck at how well adjusted she is to this opportunity, and how anxious and excited she is to be a part of this program. It was one of those aha moments where you realize that you've been right about how this driver is a complete package and that she has so much love and respect for my favorite sport of racing. It is a thrill to watch this young driver progress and mature, not only as a young lady, but also as an up-and-coming driver. I am blessed to be associated with this family, and this driver. I can't wait to see what she does next. Such a special young lady, with a special family to support her. If you are following her or know her, you know exactly what I am talking about. Most kids her age have no idea yet what they want to do in life, much less have the drive and desire to focus on their future. This kid is an exception. God bless you, Kercie. You make me proud to know you, and you teach me things every day.